How You Can Help

sdct-hcyh-cHow You Can Help:


#1 Contribute to the legal fund.
If you haven’t already done so, please consider adding your financial support to the cause. Donations are absolutely essential to success.
For further information please visit here ➛

#2 Spread the word.
Some of our greatest boosts of support and have been the result of close personal connections and discussions in the community—friend to friend and neighbor to neighbor. If all of us reached out to five additional friends and neighbors who we thought might share our collective opposition to the proposed 90ft+ cell tower, our effort’s strength and support would increase significantly.

#3 Canvas with us.
Keeping the conversation and momentum going in the community is crucial. There are still hundreds of residents that we’ve not yet had the opportunity to speak with and inform in the area. Even on the streets that we’ve already visited, many people were not home to receive us on the various afternoons that we came by.

For those of you who enjoy meeting other members of our community and are able to volunteer a few hours of time, we invite you to accompany us this winter and spring as we go door-to-door to speak with neighbors. Simply email: and we’ll be in touch!

#4 Write letters.
As Amherst residents, if we want our opinions to be officially heard and “on the record” regarding any Town business, we are required to submit something in writing. We encourage everyone who feels comfortable in doing to also please write letters of opposition to the to the Town Board and the ZBA. We would be happy to provide information, appeal documents (see links below), and talking points to anyone who may not know where to begin. We also have an excellent word doc. draft of a letter readily available to edit and mail. This can be easily requested through the site’s CONTACT page.

To view and download the Article 78 Appeal, its exhibits and the Memorandum of Law in their entirety, click on the red highlighted links below. These official documents are public records.

PDF Upload: Article 78 Appeal 10-20-16 [Full Legal Document]

PDF Upload: Exhibits A-F 10-20-16 [Full Legal Document]

PDF Upload: Memorandum of Law 12-22-16 [Full Legal Document]

PDF Upload: Memorandum-of-Law-Reply 1-23-17 [Full Legal Document]

#5 Contact the media.
The Buffalo News
News staff reporters currently following our story: Melinda Miller, Stephen T. Watson, and Joseph Popiolkowski
Melinda Miller: (716) 849-4003 –
Steve T. Watson: (716) 849-3484 – – Fax (716) 856-5150
Joseph Popiolkowski (716) 849-5591 –
Everybody’s Column: (Maximum of 250 words. Include: name, address and daytime/evening phone numbers.)

Amherst Bee
Keaton DePriest, Amherst Associate Editor: (716) 204-4917 ~
Letter to the Editor  –
Maximum of 300 words. Include: name, address, phone number
BeeHeard – (716) 632-0390 one-minute not have to identify

WKBW Channel 7 News
Reporter currently following our story: Liz Lewin, Ch 7 Eyewitness News
Liz Lewin: Phone (716) 840-7765 – Cell (716) 208-4613 – –
Investigative Reporting: Charlie Specht –
Channel General Phone: (716) 845-6100
Online submission form:

WIVB Channel 4 News
Reporter currently following our story: Angela Christoforos, Ch 4 Reporter
Angela Christoforos: –
Newsroom Phone: (716) 876-7333 or (800) 794-3687 – – Fax: (716) 874-8173
News 4 Investigates?: (716) 879-4TIP (716-879-4847) –
Call 4 Action: (716) 879-4900 weekdays from 11am – 1pm or email Call 4 Action

WGRZ Channel 2 News
(716) 849-2220
Online submission form:

(716) 845-7000
Email press release to:

The Buffalo Chronicle
General Phone: (716) 548-3371
Matthew Ricchiazzi –
They are “dedicated to exposing corruption in our elected officials, incompetence in our government, and pettiness in politics.”

(716) 881-6604

The Public
(716) 856-0642

Buffalo Rising

#6 Request a yard sign.
Having a sign in your yard helps to spread community awareness and deliver a constant message and reminder to Amherst at large as well as elected town officials that our neighborhood is organized, united, and willing to stand up for itself.

Further information about yard signs can be viewed here ➛

#7 Opt-In to receive new & updates directly in your inbox.
Newsletters go out around twice a month. Rest assured. Your information will never be shared or sold and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Sign up here ➛

If would like to lend your help in a way not mentioned above or can think of an alternative avenue to reach out to the community, fundraise, or heighten awareness, we are always eager to receive feedback and suggestions.

And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

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