Town of Amherst Unanimously Approves A Wireless Communication Moratorium Resolution

At the Monday, May 8, 2017, regular Town Board meeting, the Board unanimously voted to approve RESOLUTION 2017-511 Wireless Communication Moratorium! As approved, the resolution “directs the Town Attorney’s Office to draft a local law imposing a 140-day moratorium on final decisions on all applications for the installation of new cell towers and applications for DAS antenna system and other “small cell” systems installed on utility poles in the public-right of way; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the public hearing on this local law be scheduled for June 5, 2017.”

Two other important and related wireless resolutions were also unanimously approved during the May 8th, 2017, 4pm Work Session:

RESOLUTION 2017-518 Re-Issuing a Request for Proposal for Wireless Telecommunication Consulting Services

RESOLUTION 2017-524 Wireless Telecommunications Advisory Committee

Below is the prepared statement that I delivered during public expression in support of these resolutions:5 8 17 Wireless Statement
I then proceeded to use the remainder of my time to tear apart the lawyer present for Mobilitie who flew up from Atlanta just to speak out in opposition of the moratorium resolution. My Mobilitie remarks weren’t planned. However, I felt duty bound to stand up to their lawyer’s bully scare tactics and set the record straight.

The video for the 7pm regular meeting can be viewed here:

The video for the 4pm Work Session can be viewed here:

Last night’s approvals were a huge and progressive achievement for residents who seek sensible wireless infrastructure in Amherst! This crucial moratorium and other complementary wireless resolutions would not have passed without your support! Thank you! However, the fight isn’t over yet! If Mobilitie felt threatened and motivated enough to fly in someone to publicly oppose this moratorium, it would not be unreasonable to expect that other wireless carriers including Verizon may choose to do the same in June.

With this in mind, please consider attending the June 5th, 2017, regular Town Board meeting and delivering a statement declaring your support for a Wireless Communication Moratorium during the public hearing. I further encourage everyone, if you haven’t done so already, to please consider emailing our Town Board members to reaffirm your support. (Make sure to copy the Town Clerk on all emails so that your correspondence is formally acknowledged and added to the official record.)

Amherst Town Board Members
Supervisor Weinstein –
Steve Sanders –
Ramona Popowich –
Deborah Bucki –
Francina Spoth –
cc: Marjory Jaeger, Amherst Town Clerk –

Finally, if you haven’t yet signed the petition, it’s not too late to add your name to the list of residents who seek sweeping change on this critical issue and wish it to be voted into Amherst Town law: ➣

SCDT Moratorium Master Plan Petition

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