Check: If you would like to contribute to the fund, it is best to write a check out to Richard J. Lippes. We can receive check donations in person, by mail, or if you prefer, we can provide a pre-addressed stamped envelope for you to mail your donation check directly to Mr. Lippes’ firm located at 1109 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209.

Cash: Cash contributions accompanied by a note indicating the source and intended use of the funds are gratefully accepted as well. As it is unsafe to send monetary bills though the mail, cash donations can be received in person and then will be delivered to Mr. Lippes on your behalf.

Credit or Debit Card: If your prefer to make an online donation via credit or debit card, we are able to accept electronic contributions on our GoFundMe crowdfunding page. This page is administered by Amherst resident, Jamie Smith.

Direct Link:

GoFundMe exacts an online fee of 7.9% + $0.30 per donation. This fee amount is not an additional charge, it is withdrawn from your total donation by GoFundMe.

Check and cash contributions can be received by: Alissa Shields & Jeff Good, and Claire & Bernard Leffler. They will then deliver your contribution to Mr. Lippes’ office.

We welcome your questions and concerns. To email us directly, please click on the CONTACT tab at the top of this page. There you will see an electronic form to complete and send. All submissions will be read and responded to within 24-48 hours.

On behalf of our entire community we thank you for your support and donations!