Show your support!

Having a sign in your yard helps to spread community awareness and delivers a constant message and reminder to Amherst at large as well as elected town officials that our neighborhood is organized, united, and willing to stand up for itself.


Yard Sign Design Pictured Above

Description: Double-Sided, Full Color, Screen-Printed

Sign Material: Corrugated Plastic

Dimensions: 4mm thickness – 18in High  x 24in Wide

Each Sign Includes (1) Metal Step Stake

•  ❆  •

We request a $10.00 cash donation to the legal fund per yard sign ordered.

(Each sign and its stepstake costs $9.50 + tax to manufacture)

If you would like to order a yard sign, please visit our CONTACT page.

•  ❆  •

Already have a sign but your metal step stake has snapped due to wind or a snowplow? Not to worry! We have a stack of replacement step stakes ready to exchange for free.

Has your sign been irreparably damaged or gone missing? We have a handful of yard signs with minor printing flaws that we are happy to give out as free replacements.

No donations are necessary for the replacement step stakes or “second” signs. This is our thanks to you for you continued support! Simply send us a request via our CONTACT page, and we will coordinate a timely delivery. 

•  ❆  •

A gentle winter reminder to please set your yard sign further back into your property to keep it safe from town trucks and snow plow services.

Thank you!